Working together to bring down crime.

Cynon Valley LogoWho are they?

Where are they?
South Wales.

What do they do?
Work in the community to address the causes of crime.

What did they receive?
28x MS Project Professional, Office Professional Plus and Windows Server Device CAL; MS Project Server; Small Business Server; Symantec Endpoint Protection.

The outcome?
Complete upgrade of previously ‘ancient’ systems.

By all accounts, the Cynon Valley Crime Prevention Association has been a major success.

Having been formed just over twenty years ago, the past decade has seen registered charity status being achieved, along with an expansion in activities to introduce a non-profit making associated company.

Its work with Help the Aged to fit window locks and door chains to the houses of vulnerable people has won plaudits and – more importantly – resulted in substantially lower burglary rates in the area. Meanwhile, ambitious outreach work with the region’s comprehensive schools and Pupil Referral Units has been having a big effect in engaging children with the wider community, and building ideas of citizenship amongst a group who might otherwise be marginalised.

“We’ve gone from one borough to six now,” reports Lyn Jones at the charity. “That’s a big upgrade for us – but we’ve been very effective, and this reflects that. We’ve just had a large grant from the European Social Fund, have won awards, and are cited as ‘best practice’ in our field.”

Expansion is never without its challenges, however – and Lyn is very frank about this. “We work with 79 schools and PRUs,” she says. “Every school’s project officer has to have a laptop, and those – along with some of our other IT – were, to say the least, ancient!”

Cynon Valley Image

“That’s why CTX has helped us a fantastic amount,” she says, speaking of large donations from Microsoft and Symantec that have been facilitated by the scheme. “For the European money, we had to demonstrate that we would have adequate IT resources – particularly for data protection. With CTX we could actually get better equipment. The scheme’s proved to be better than we ever thought - we have things that will last us for a number of years, and things that we’d never have had.”

“As an organisation we run under PRINCE2 principles,” she adds. “So being able to get Microsoft Project was great – we can use that as the basis of what we do. Without CTX we’d never have been able to afford that.”

Lyn was pointed towards CTX by an associate, and it seems that she’d be very happy to continue the recommendation. “It was very easy ordering – I spoke to the people there many times and they were absolutely wonderful – they couldn’t have done more for us,” she says.

The core aim of the CTX scheme is to use technology to help make a difference to communities – whether with the end users, or quietly behind-the-scenes – and the Cynon Valley Crime Prevention Association demonstrates just that. As Lyn says, signing off with a smile: “Keep up the good work – it really is worthwhile!”



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