A safe place to look at danger.

Who are they?

Where are they?
North Wales.

What do they do?

Educate children and young people in safety awareness.

How big are they?

4 full-time staff (including one on secondment).

What did they receive?
Symantec Protection Suite Small Business Edition; Microsoft Office Professional Plus, Office for Mac, Small Business Server and Windows 7 Upgrade.

The outcome?
A networked office and systems.
DangerPoint is a North Wales-based charity that works closely with schools, local communities and the emergency services. Its aim is to educate children and young people on safety awareness – in the home, on the roads and further afield – and to do this in a way that makes more impact than a worthy lecture.
“Our centre is constructed like a film set,” explains Cat Harvey, Project Co-ordinator at the charity. “We’ve built home scenarios, railways, a beach scene… it’s completely interactive, with touch screens, and we encourage visitors to explore, to touch things, to pick them up. It allows them to learn about danger in a safe environment.”
The cost of maintaining such facilities is, of course, substantial. Funding is provided by a mix of grants and donations; the centre also hires out rooms to local businesses to boost its income. Until recently, the staff of four were working on obsolete software and emailing each other if they wanted to share a file.

This all changed with a donation of Microsoft server and Office software, via CTX. “We’d have tried to get a grant to upgrade,” says Cat, “but due to the cost, we couldn’t have invested in it ourselves. We knew we needed the server upgrade, but with CTX we could also bring Office onto our Apple Macs, creating a more familiar environment on there for everybody.”

DangerPoint has been keen to use the resulting opportunities to use technology for the direct benefit of visitors, as Cat explains. “We’re now able to give people an interactive quiz before their visit. Their responses are ported into an Excel spreadsheet, and our ‘rangers’ can see immediately if there are any specific training needs that they should focus upon during the visit. Afterwards, we give people the quiz once more, and this allows us to evaluate our success.”

Cat’s advice to other small charities is to take a little time to decide what would be useful from the donation programme, and to ask for advice if necessary. She confesses that she got her original order very slightly wrong, but reports that CTX were very helpful in sorting it out.

“We recommend CTX to every other charity who we speak to, and our IT company is now recommending the scheme as well. If it wasn’t for CTX, we’d probably still be sat here working on Office 2003,” she says.


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