A voice for victims of injustice.

IJMWho are they?

Where are they?
The UK arm of an international charity.

What do they do?
Secure justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation or violent oppression.

How big are they?
“A very small office.”

What did they receive?

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007.

The outcome?
The charity has been equipped with the key software required.
With its headquarters in Washington D.C., International Justice Mission is a human rights organisation that works internationally to secure justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. By providing lawyers, investigators and aftercare professionals, the charity aims to intervene on behalf of those whose access to justice is limited due to their poverty and vulnerability.

Oliver Wright is the Administration and Projects Assistant for its UK arm. “Aside from fundraising, we work to engage with government and get the support of lawyers, social workers or other professionals over here. There is an educational role for us – to mobilise people,” he says.

The UK operation is small in numbers, and has only recently found the need to establish a formal office. But, as Oliver says, “this step often means a lot of overheads – and we needed to reduce these in a significant way.”

Through CTX, the charity acquired donations of Microsoft software which went on to form the core of the systems at IJM UK. Word is used extensively, of course, as is Excel for all the day-to-day ‘figures work’ – from expenses to targets. “We also use PowerPoint a lot, as obviously we do a lot of speaking to audiences,” adds Oliver. “And Publisher, as we often produce documents with photographs etc.”
IJM Image

CTX allowed the charity to equip itself without tapping into core funds. “We were very satisfied with our experience of using CTX. It’s ambitious to go to your supporters to ask them to pay for your office facilities. We’d have had to take money from our existing budget,” says Oliver. As it is, the charity is hoping to return to the donation scheme for operating system upgrades, and to investigate other software as more people become involved.

The charity publishes a number of case studies on its website – real, distressing, scenarios in which International Justice Mission has been able to assist people who have suffered terrible wrongs. Software donations from companies such as Microsoft may sit some way back from the front line of such operations – but they can ensure that budgets and manpower can remain focused on a charity’s core, pressing objective.


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