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Mythstories LogoWho are they?

Where are they?

What do they do?
Use storytelling as a tool to help people develop literacy skills.

How big are they?

A team of six (a mix of staff and volunteers.)

What did they receive?

Microsoft Math, Office Professional Plus and Expression Studio 4 Web Professional.

The outcome?
Up to date Office software for all the charity’s admin needs .
Dez Quarrell is a professional storyteller – it’s what he does, and has done for decades. So it’s not surprising that, when I ask him about his charity Mythstories, passion and commitment ooze from his responses. Working with schools and community groups, Dez and his team aim to inspire and encourage their young (and not so young) audience, building literacy and unlocking the creative urge within.
“We tell stories,” he begins simply. “We value the oral tradition – tales told since time immemorial. And these tales have such relevance to our daily lives. They’re traditional tales, but children can understand them, and they can use them as a template to create their own stories, or as a spark to set them off.”

“And it’s not just children – these stories are for everyone. They recount the bits of history that you don’t get in books; the lives of the ordinary people of yesteryear.”

It’s fun, of course, but also a very serious educational tool. The charity has been established for well over a decade, and its associated museum and project centre is a destination for schools from far afield – sometimes even internationally. Teachers can work with the charity to create long term projects for classes or groups; Mythstories also provides a bottomless pit of new ideas and vitality for the classroom.

The charity is, of course, managed on a shoestring. Being purely project-funded, day-to-day running of the organisation is tight, to say the least. Hence Dez’s gratitude to CTX and Microsoft for recent software donations.

“We use Office for just about everything,” he says. “Spreadsheets, databases, preparing stuff for the website. And marketing materials are increasingly needed – we can’t pay external people to do these for us.”

“We needed up to date versions. Often we work with young teenagers who go to the local media college and who are used to their facilities – our new software allows us to seem at least on the same planet! But the means to pay for it – not a chance!”

Dez was steered towards CTX when he applied for a grant from local sources. And with Math and Web Expression Studio also donated, the charity finds itself with the IT tools it needs.

“You really need good software,” Dez comments. “It makes a difficult job into a quick job – and it allows us to look professional. CTX is a really good scheme – for us, just to be able to get Office as a donation is invaluable – so thank you, Microsoft. Using the scheme was absolutely fine and dandy – it saved us a lot of time as well, and we’ve already recommended it to other charities.”



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