Cancer funding: providing for a holistic approach.

logoWho are they?

Where are they?
Based in Suffolk.

What do they do?
Raise funds to allow the NHS and Cancer Centres to provide complementary healing therapies.

How big are they?
No office – a charity run from home.

What did they receive?

Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Web Professional, Publisher 2010, MapPoint 2010, Small Business Server, Office Professional Plus.

The outcome?
Aspects of marketing kept in-house, leading to cost reductions.
The Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust aims to widen treatment options for cancer patients by raising money to fund complementary therapies within the NHS. Specifically, the Trust provides money to employ practitioners of Spiritual Healing and Reiki at hospitals and cancer centres; these therapists work alongside, and in partnership with, conventional medicine.

Angie Buxton-King founded the charity in memory of her son Sam, who passed away in 1998, aged 10. Backed by patrons with backgrounds in both conventional and complementary medicine, including consultant oncologists at University College London Hospital, the Trust has been highly successful in providing for aspects of care that the NHS can struggle to fund.

Keeping administrative costs down has been vital to this success, reports Angie. “We think of ourselves as a broker for funds raised. So we run the charity from home – which means that we have no overheads. That’s the way we want it – we’d probably like a large office somewhere, but these cost a lot of money!” she says.

Angie approached CTX with a particular aim in mind – to improve the public’s awareness of the charity whilst not significantly increasing marketing costs. To achieve this, she chose Publisher, Expression Studio 4 and MapPoint from the range of software donated by Microsoft.

“We are totally dependent on private-sector individual donations,” she explains. “We want to provide feedback and to encourage new donors – but we have to keep costs down. So we’d like to produce a newsletter. We have a provider who can do this for us – but Publisher means that we can do it ourselves and save money.”

“Likewise, we used to pay somebody to update our website. But by getting more skills on board ourselves, and by using Expression – again, we can cut costs. And we aim to use MapPoint to demonstrate the wide reach of our services geographically, particularly as we look to expand further out of the South East.”

The charity also took donations of Small Business Server and Office, to bring their own systems up to date when they relocated.

“Another organisation had told us that we could get reduced-price software as a charity, and so I looked online when we needed to upgrade,” recalls Angie. “Our old systems had crashed and we’d lost some stuff – but the retail price for software was very high, and we’d have been forced to make do. Then I looked at CTX along with a local man who helps us with IT and we couldn’t believe the reductions – we thought it might be a scam at first!”

No scam – of course – but Angie and her husband now have the products they need to take the charity forwards; they are keen for the donors to appreciate the difference that this makes. “As I said – we were amazed at the prices,” says Angie. “A big ‘thank you’ – we couldn’t be more grateful.”



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