The Cisco Worldwide Programme brings Cisco’s best-in-class networking products and technology to qualifying non-profit organisations.

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It is Cisco’s goal to empower communities through improved networking solutions and adoption of Internet Technology solutions. Cisco believes that technology enables non-profits to improve their productivity, while also extending their reach and service delivery.

For further information about Cisco’s Community and Philanthropy programmes, please see Cisco Community Investment. You may also want to visit our Cisco Useful Links section.

For further information about the Cisco Worldwide Programme, please see:

Please note: Cisco is currently experiencing longer lead times on several products available through the CTX Programme. This delay is the result of increased demand for Cisco products worldwide driven by improvement in the overall market.

Cisco is working to address this issue in partnership with its suppliers and contract manufacturers, and it anticipates the situation will be resolved soon. Cisco is confident in its suppliers’ ability to replenish and rebuild their inventory levels to meet customer demand moving forward.

Cisco will continue to work closely with its suppliers to ensure its extended value chain operates effectively and is able to meet customer demands and requirements.



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