FluidSurveys has teamed with the CTX Programme to offer its online survey tool to eligible UK Registered Charities and Charitable Housing Associations.

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Organisations can use FluidSurveys to quickly gather and analyse informal data through online surveys, forms, or polls.

Users without any programming or design experience can create surveys through a drag-and-drop interface and then invite participants to complete them on the FluidSurveys website. Survey authors can then analyse the results and share them with others, either online or by exporting results as one of several available file types. Polls, which are single-question surveys, can be embedded on an organisation's website or blog.

Eligible organisations may receive a donation of a one-year subscription to the online Pro version of FluidSurveys. They may then renew this subscription annually, provided they continue to be eligible in each year.

Current and former paid FluidSurveys subscribers are not eligible.

For further information about the Fluidsurveys Donation Programme, please see:



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