Microsoft UK’s aim is to build UK prosperity, both socially and economically, through their Citizenship programmes.

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One of the areas in which Microsoft works, to make a difference socially within Citizenship, is through Community Affairs. Microsoft has successfully established an extensive network of non-profit partners who they work with to support community-based programmes and local projects which will enable more people to have access to technology. They give to a range of major charity projects both financially and through gifts in kind. In addition they support the investment of their employees in the community.

As part of Microsoft’s Affordable Access to Computing Programme, Microsoft operates the Microsoft Software Donations Programme through Charity Technology Trust's CTX Programme, providing support and software donations to registered charities in the UK.

For further information about the Microsoft Software Donations Programme, please see:

Learn More About the Microsoft Donation Programme

The CTX Programme encourages organisations to visit our Overview of the Microsoft Donation Programme. There you can learn about the quantity of products an organisation can request, special rules for software installed by public libraries, and specific procedures to follow for returns. This page also provides an overview of the benefits and rules of the Microsoft Volume Licensing programme, through which the donated products are made available, along with links to help you find additional information at both CTX and Microsoft.

For more information about Microsoft’s wider Citizenship programmes, please see Microsoft UK Citizenship.



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