SAP is the world leader in collaborative business software, working with a highly skilled team to optimise every day its customers' IT systems, connecting small and medium-size businesses, and helping almost 100,000 customers worldwide to navigate through the present times of economic and social challenges.

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SAP solutions provide deep insight into customer business processes and enable sustainable business practices. From supply chain management to smart metering to carbon accounting, SAP solutions allow customers to manage complex data requirements and make more sustainable decisions.

Through its business intelligence platform, Business Objects XI, SAP helps organisations gain better insight into their business, improve decision making, and optimise performance. Business Objects XI, which includes Crystal Reports for enterprise reporting, offers one of the BI industry's most advanced and complete platforms for reporting, query and analysis, performance management, and data integration. Through its corporate citizenship programme, the company is focused on strengthening the communities where SAP people live and work.

SAP is pleased to offer qualified nonprofits business intelligence software and services that help any size organisation improve decision making and enterprise performance.

We are pleased to announce that SAP now includes SAP Business Objects Products and SAP Hosted Products. Qualifying organisations are invited to maximise the individual benefits of one or both of these exciting offerings.

SAP Business Objects

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