The Symantec Donation Programme is designed to meet the needs of small non-profits and ensure they have access to the Symantec technology they need to achieve their missions.

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Symantec is dedicated to being an agent for positive change in those communities around the world where the company and its employees live and work. To accomplish this, Symantec partners with community organisations that address pressing social needs, with a focus on youth and education. A combination of monetary gifts, employee volunteerism and product donations leverages Symantec's resources in ways that allow them to have the most impact.

We are pleased to announce that the Symantec Donation Programme now includes Symantec Desktop Products and Symantec Enterprise Products. Qualifying organisations are invited to maximise the individual benefits of one or both of these exciting offerings.

Symantec Desktop Programme

Symantec Desktop Products provide security for a single computer. For more information about the Symantec Desktop Programme, please see:

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Symantec Enterprise Programme

Symantec Enterprise Products are installed on a server to provide security for multiple networked computers in a small to large business environment. For more information about the Symantec Enterprise Programme, please see:

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For more information about Symantec’s Community programmes, please see Symantec Community.




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