Good news! Updates to the Microsoft Software Donation Programme

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We at the CTXchange Programme want to thank Microsoft for its longstanding commitment to supporting non-profits around the world through software donations and more, and are thrilled to join them in announcing some important updates to their software donations programme that will make it even easier for non-profits and public libraries to get the Microsoft products they need, when they need them.

Beginning on, July 27th, 2011, organisations now have more flexibility regarding when they can request Microsoft software donations and in the product donations available. And, to make navigating the programme easier, we’re introducing the Microsoft Donation Centre, where eligible organisations can easily track their Microsoft requests, see the value of donations received to date, and more.

How the Microsoft Programme Updates Benefit Your Organisation

  • Request what you need, when you need it: Organisations can now request Microsoft products as needed, not just once per year. Also, there is no longer a five-seat minimum requirement, so an organisation can request just one license if that is all it needs.
  • Get more complete solutions: Now organisations can request up to 10 different Microsoft titles in each two-year cycle instead of 6, helping them to build more complete solutions to help them meet their missions. And, with the addition of Microsoft’s Get Genuine Windows product, organisations can ensure their existing computers are running genuine versions of Microsoft operating systems
  • Easily see Microsoft donations details at a glance: To help organisations manage their Microsoft donations, TechSoup has created the Microsoft Donation Centre (accessible from the My requests link next to the My account link), where non-profits can get all the key details in one place. Organisations can easily track what’s been donated so far, what remains of their software entitlement, when their cycle resets, and more non-profit resources available from Microsoft.
  • Existing Microsoft Cycles Have Been Reset: If your organisation is already participating in the Microsoft Software Donation Programme through CTX, your cycle has been reset! Your two-year donation cycle will start again when you place your first Microsoft request after July 27th, 2011, and will reset every two years on the anniversary of that request. Orders placed before July 27th, 2011, will not count against your new Microsoft software donation entitlement.

To learn more about the updates to the Microsoft Software Donation Programme and how they affect your organisation, visit our Overview of the Microsoft Software Donation Programme. Together with Microsoft, we’re excited to help you understand the updates and how they can benefit your organisation, and – ultimately – your community.



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