Winfrasoft Donations Programme - Entitlement

Provided an organisation meets the Eligibility Criteria for the Winfrasoft Donations Programme, donation requests can be made in line with the following entitlement guidelines:

  • Each eligible organisation may request one copy of one title in a 12 month period ie: an organisation that ordered on 01/05/2010 may place a new order on 01/05/2011.
  • Donations will be fulfilled via a Licence Key (which will be sent to your organisation's registered e-mail address) and software (which will be shipped to your organisation's registered address).
  • Winfrasoft may, at its sole discretion, provide "functionally equivalent" substitute product(s) for any request or order.
  • Winfrasoft products may not be transferred or resold. Additionally, Winfrasoft products may not be installed on computers that will be given to or sold to other organisations or individuals.

Please see Winfrasoft Donations Programme FAQs for further information.



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