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Norton Utilities is a collection of tools that optimize the performance of a PC.

This donation gives an organisation the latest version of this product.

Norton Utilities offers the following capabilities:

•    Registry monitoring and cleaning: Notifies the user when the Windows registry is in need of repair; repairs and cleans it.
•    Registry defragmentation: Removes gaps, wasted space, and corrupt keys from the registry. Like registry cleaning, defragmenting allows programs to launch as quickly as possible.
•    Disk cleaning: Provides options for cleaning Windows settings, browser settings, plug-ins, and custom items. It also allows "bleaching" of free space on drives or partitions, which renders deleted data unrecoverable by standard methods.
•    Disk optimization: Defragments and optimizes files and data for increased performance.
•    Disk repair: Checks hard disks and repairs problems that could lead to crashes.
•    Startup management: Allows startup items to be disabled, deleted, or enabled to maximize startup speed.
•    Service management: Provides different options for configuring Windows services. The Minimal Services option gives faster boot times; the Recommended Services option balances features and speed.
•    Norton UnErase: Allows restoration of accidentally deleted files.

This product is identical to the version sold through the Symantec website and includes the standard support, renewal, and upgrade options available with retail products.

Installation File and License: When your donation request has been approved, CTX Programme will send an email to your organization email address containing download instructions. Symantec will send a second email within 7 to 10 days with a certificate valid for a user license and the serial number needed for downloading.

Downloading the Norton Utilities Installation File: The download size is about 21.6 MB.


•    The registry is backed up each time problems are repaired, so it can be restored if necessary.
•    The Performance Test benchmarks a computer against similar PCs.
•    The Process Viewer is a simplified task manager that shows CPU usage and priority for all processes and highlights active processes.
•    The Registry Monitor displays an alert when a specified number of changes have been made to key areas of the registry.
•    The Windows Tools window provides direct access to Windows system tools like System Information and the Device Manager.

•    300-MHz (or higher) processor
•    256 MB RAM; 512 MB or more recommended
•    200 MB available hard-disk space

•    Windows XP Home, Professional, Media Center with SP2 (32-bit); Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate (32-bit or 64-bit); Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate (32-bit or 64-bit)

•    The capacity to download about 25 MB of data

Price: £3.00 + VAT


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