Wikispaces Plus Plan (one year subscription)

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Admin Fee: £7.00 + VAT
SKU: G-43405
Choose Carefully: The administrative fee for this online product is not refundable, and the product cannot be exchanged.
The Wikispaces Plus Plan offers organisations a hosted wiki that is easy to set up and use. (A wiki is a type of website that allows users to add, remove, and edit all content, very quickly and easily.)

Management features include the ability to:
•    Determine whether an individual must be a member to view and edit the wiki
•    Invite individuals to join
•    Change the look and feel of the wiki

The visual editor uses a toolbar for formatting text, inserting images and files, and creating links within a page. Wiki markup language is also available for those who prefer not to use the editor.
The Plus Plan offers 2 GB storage and allows unlimited users, edits, and messages.

This product is a one-year Plus Plan subscription. An organisation that already has a subscription can use this product to renew its subscription for one year.

Note that other plans are available from the Wikispaces website, including a plan that has no cost but has fewer features. Organisations registered with the CTX Programme that require unlimited wikis, pages, and file storage can contact Wikispaces directly to receive a discount on the Private Label offering. Send email to [email protected].

Here are some notable features of this product:
•    Pages are fully internationalised, so users can contribute content in any language.
•    Changes and discussions can be tracked with RSS feeds or by email.
•    Users can link and import blog entries and RSS feeds.
•    Wikispam blocking on all spaces keeps spammers away. Private spaces use SSL encryption so that secure data remains secure.
•    Because each version of each page on Wikispaces is saved, users can compare any two versions and go back to a previous version.

Obtaining Your License: When your donation request has been approved, the CTX Programme will send an email to your organisation email address containing a license key and activation instructions.
Web browser and Internet connection
Price: £7.00 + VAT


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