Symantec Desktop Programme


Eligibility Criteria:
  • This programme is currently available only to UK registered Charities and Charitable Housing Associations.

  • Donated products will be distributed under this programme to qualifying organisations only, not to individuals and within the Symantec Desktop Guidelines.

  • Eligible organisations must have an operating budget of less than £5 million per annum.

  • This software will not be made available to organisations that support political parties or candidates.

  • This software will not be made available to religious organisations, unless they are registered as a charity, with a secular community designation that is separate from the church or religious organisation that provides services to people regardless of their religious beliefs, and does not propagate a belief in a specific faith.

  • Any organisation that advocates, supports, or practices discrimination based on race, religion, age, ethnicity, national origin, language, size, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background or disability, is not eligible to participate in this programme. Organisations must be willing and able to confirm that they do not discriminate on any of these grounds in order to receive a donation.

  • Please note: Not all other organisations will be eligible for Symantec donations.  Each organisation will be evaluated on a case by case basis to determine whether its primary activity(ies) falls within Symantec's donation programme guidelines.
  • Up to two Symantec Desktop products and up to 100 licences each may be requested within a fiscal year (1st July to 30th June.)
  • Symantec products may not be transferred or re-sold.
  • Symantec may, at its sole discretion, provide "functionally equivalent" substitute product(s) for any request or order.
Please see Symantec Donation Programme FAQs for further information.


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