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FluidSurveys is a web-based application for creating online surveys and collecting and analysing survey data. Users without any programming or design experience can create surveys through a drag-and-drop interface and then invite participants to complete them on the FluidSurveys website. Survey authors can then analyse the results and share them with others, either online or by exporting results as one of several available file types. Polls, which are single-question surveys, can be embedded on an organisation's website or blog.

This donation consists of a 1-year subscription for a FluidSurveys Pro account. The Pro version allows an organisation to create an unlimited number of surveys with an unlimited number of questions in each and to collect an unlimited number of responses per survey. Other capabilities include the following:

•    Survey editing: With the drag-and-drop survey editing interface, authors can modify their survey and see a real-time preview of how it will actually appear. Survey questions can be rearranged, copied and pasted, and moved from page to page or from one survey to another.

•    Branching and skipping: Authors can direct survey participants to a specific question or page in the survey based on their responses to a previous question.
•    Multiple question types: Authors can include a variety of question types in a survey, including multiple choice, yes/no, rankings, and questions that allow a text response.

•    Customisable appearance: A survey's color, font, and spacing of elements can be customised as a whole or on a page-by-page basis. Survey authors can also upload an organisational logo or embed images, videos, or other rich media hosted elsewhere into a survey. Authors with web development knowledge can further customise a survey by modifying the CSS used in its presentation.

•    Publishing options: Anyone can respond to a survey by visiting that survey's URL, or surveys can be restricted by IP address or with web cookies to limit the number of times a participant can respond. Survey authors can protect a survey by specifying a single generic password or by generating a unique password for each participant. Unique passwords can be embedded in the survey URL and emailed within the FluidSurveys interface to contacts that have been imported from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or a spreadsheet. Surveys can also be exported as PDF or Word documents for printing.

•    Polls: Users can create single-question polls and embed them on a website. Survey creators can allow poll participants to view real-time results as animated graphics.

•    Analysing results: Survey creators can view results online in real time in tabular or graphical form. Others can also view real-time results, though survey creators can restrict access with a password. Analysis tools allow survey creators to filter results and create cross-tabulations to see how respondents who answered two or more specific questions compare. Both tabular and graphical results can be exported as Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Rich Text Format files, and Adobe PDF documents.

•    Multilanguage surveys: Survey creators can design versions of a survey in multiple languages, allowing participants to choose from any of the available languages when filling out the survey. Results from all language versions are then reported as being from the same survey.

•    Accessibility: Surveys created with FluidSurveys meet the World Wide Web Consortium's Accessibility Guidelines (both Priority 1 and Priority 2) in addition to 508 accessibility standards.

FluidSurveys is usable from any computer with web access and a web browser.

Support is available from FluidSurveys via email and on the FluidSurveys website through help documentation and video tutorials.

Organisations that do not qualify for this donation or that require more advanced survey functionality can receive a 10 percent discount on any FluidSurveys offering directly from FluidSurveys by sending an email to and including their CTX Programme login email address.

Signing Up for the Free Version: This donation is an upgrade from the free version of FluidSurveys. Before requesting this donation, an organisation must create a free account at the FluidSurveys website. The free version has similar features to FluidSurveys Pro, but it limits the number of questions per survey to 20 and limits the number of responses an organisation can collect per survey to 100.

Choose Carefully: The administrative fee for this online product is not refundable, and the product cannot be exchanged.

Obtaining Your Subscription: When your donation request has been approved, the CTX Programme will send an email to your organisation email address containing activation instructions.
For survey creators:
•    Internet-connected computer with a web browser

For survey participants:
•    Any Internet-connected computer or device with a web browser
Price: £20.00 + VAT


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