Global Programme

The CTX Programme is part of a global TechSoup Technology Donation Programme, through which a group of corporate donors will provide technology product donations to eligible nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) or charities in a growing number of countries.

As part of their commitment to the voluntary sector, organisations such as Microsoft, Symantec and Cisco are partnering with the award-winning technology capacity building nonprofit TechSoup to administer their Donation Programmes on a global level.

Local Partner NGO’s in each country, and specifically Charity Technology Trust (CTT) in the UK, will assess applications on behalf of TechSoup, manage sector outreach, handle order processing and follow up with charity beneficiaries.

The programme intends to offer NGOs and charities easy access to a broad range of essential technology donations through a central, trusted resource (local partner NGO). The ultimate goal is to strengthen the organisational capacity of NGOs and improve their ability to meet the ever-increasing needs of their communities.



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