Norton AntiVirus 11.0 for Macintosh

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Admin Fee: £3.00 + VAT
SKU: G-44996

Choose Carefully: The administrative fee for this downloaded product is not refundable.

Norton AntiVirus 11.0 for Macintosh protects against security threats caused by computer infection. Inclusive scanning automatically detects and removes viruses, worms, and Trojan horses from incoming and outgoing email, instant messages, and any new files and applications placed on the hard drive. The software additionally protects against online threats by deleting and blocking malware and viruses when pictures, music, and software are downloaded. Vulnerability protection helps prevent identity thieves from exploiting newly discovered weaknesses in applications and operating systems.

Existing files can be scanned either manually or on a schedule, and context menus allow scanning of selected files or directories.

Not Compatible with Mac OS v10.7

This product is not compatible with Mac OS v10.7 (Lion), though there may be some limited functionality.

Retail Version

This product is identical to the version sold through the Symantec website and includes the standard support, renewal, and upgrade options available with retail products.

Downloading the Norton AntiVirus Installation File: When your donation request has been approved, the CTX PROGRAMME will send an email to your organization email address containing download instructions. The download size is about 80 MB.

Here are some notable features of this product:

•    Protects against viruses (including macro viruses), worms, and Trojan horses.
•    Scans email attachments, instant message attachments, Internet downloads, and other incoming files.
•    Allows customized scanning of drives and directories with Custom SafeZones and Smart Volume Scanning and scheduling with Norton Scheduler.
•    Provides a dashboard widget that gives a quick summary of system protection and status.
•    Can automatically download and install new virus definitions with LiveUpdate.

•    Mac OS X-compatible processor, PowerPC G3 or higher or Intel Core
•    128 MB RAM (required for Mac OS X)
•    100 MB available hard-disk space
•    DVD-ROM or CD-ROM drive

Mac OS X version 10.4.10 or later. (Nonprofits with older operating systems might be able to install Norton Internet Security 3.0 for Macintosh, which includes antivirus protection.)

Internet connection required for LiveUpdate
Price: £3.00 + VAT


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