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Norton 360 protects PCs against the latest online threats and also includes tools for tuning up systems and backing up data. It does most of its work in the background while consuming few system resources and requiring little user interaction.

Benefits for Organisations

You can use Norton 360 to:

•    Protect your organisation's data from viruses, spyware, spam, and other threats and keep your backups current
•    Reduce system administration costs by keeping your computers running smoothly
•    Prevent uninvited connections to computers and other devices so they can't steal information, install and launch programs, or make other dangerous changes to your organization's computers

Major Capabilities

•    24/7 threat monitoring and insight: Aggregates reports from numerous sources, including the Norton community, to identify the latest verified threats.
•    SONAR: Uses behavior technology to identify likely threats that have not yet been reported.
•    Safe Web and Facebook:  Protects users who surf the Internet or receive Facebook feeds from dangerous links, infected downloads, and unsafe websites.
•    Organizationwide management: The cloud-based Norton Management Center allows you to fix, update, renew, and install all your organization's Norton products from a single location.
•    PC Tune-up: Provides tools to fix common computer problems, free up memory, remove unneeded files, and clean up the hard drive.

Newest Version

This product description is for the version of Norton 360 that was released in September 2012. However, when you download your Norton product, you will receive the most recent version. As updates are released, they are installed automatically.

Retail Version

This product is identical to the version sold through the Symantec website and includes the standard support, renewal, and upgrade options available with retail products.

Choose Carefully

The administrative fee for this online product is not refundable.

Obtaining This Product

When your donation request has been approved, the CTX Programme will send a message to your organisation email address with instructions for obtaining and activating this product.


•    300-MHz (or higher) processor for Windows XP; 1-GHz for Windows Vista or Windows 7
•    256 MB or more RAM; 512 MB recommended
•    300 MB available hard-disk space


•    Windows XP Home, Professional, Media Center with SP2 or later (32-bit); Windows Vista Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate with SP1 or later (32-bit or 64-bit); Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate (32-bit or 64-bit)
•    The capacity to download about 120 MB of data
•    For phishing protection — Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher (32-bit only); Firefox 3.0 or higher (32-bit only); Google Chrome 10.0 or higher
•    For antispam — Outlook 2002 or later; Outlook Express 6.0 or later; Windows Mail (spam filtering only)
•    For browser vulnerability protection — Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher (32-bit only); Firefox 3.0 or higher (32-bit only)
•    Email scanning supported for POP3-compatible email clients 

Price: £5.00 + VAT


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