Cisco 880 Series 10-User SSL VPN License Pack

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Admin Fee: £19.00 + VAT
SKU: G-45821


The Cisco FL-SSLVPN10-K9= license upgrade pack allows the Cisco 880 Series routers to support up to 10 concurrent secure sockets layer virtual private network (SSL VPN) sessions.

SSL VPN sessions offer a flexible and secure way to extend network resources to virtually any remote user with access to the Internet and a web browser. Administrators can customize access and extend the reach of their organizations' networks to individuals according to their roles, such as teleworkers, contractors, and partners.

These SSL VPN licenses are not stackable, meaning only one SSL VPN license upgrade pack can be applied to any one security appliance. Multiple license packs cannot be used with a single appliance. An organization that requires a greater number of user licenses than is available through PNGO PROGRAM should contact Cisco directly to request licenses at regular retail prices.

More information about this product is available on the Cisco website.

Obtaining Your Licenses: Cisco donation processing takes 6 to 8 weeks upon approval. After your request is processed, you will receive a product authorization key (PAK) through standard mail. You will be directed to enter this key and your router serial number on the Cisco website, which will provide you with an activation key. Entering this key through your router's command-line interface will activate your licenses.

Choose Carefully: The administrative fee for this product is not refundable, and the product cannot be exchanged.

Price: £19.00 + VAT


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