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System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 Data Protection Management License - Standard (Includes Software Assurance)

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This standard server management license (ML) allows one server to receive file-level protection from a server running System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2010.

System Center Data Protection Manager Software:
With the release of DPM 2010, all DPM MLs now include the DPM server software and license.

DPM is a server software application that enables disk-based data protection and recovery for file and application servers and clients in an Active Directory domain. DPM performs replication, synchronization, and Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to provide nearly continuous protection and rapid, reliable data recovery.

Organizations can deploy DPM within their datacenters to centralize backup to DPM or to back up remote or branch office servers over the WAN to a central DPM site. DPM is designed to protect up 100 servers, 1,000 clients, or 2,000 databases on a single DPM server. The maximum number of servers varies depending on server workload. Supported servers include Windows Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server, and SharePoint Server. DPM can protect clustered file and application servers in addition to standalone servers and virtual machines.

The 2010 edition of DPM automatically grows volumes as required and allows administrators to shrink volumes so space is used more effectively. Also new in DPM 2010 is the ability to protect Windows clients that aren't connected to the corporate network, such as traveling laptops. Users of protected client computers can now recover their data without waiting for the backup administrator.

DPM 2010 requires a 64-bit processor and the 64-bit version of Windows Server 2008.

Included Licenses and Licensing Requirements: This product includes one standard server ML. The standard server ML allows for file-level protection of one operating system environment (OSE). An enterprise ML is required for protection of server applications such as SQL Server, Exchange Server, and SharePoint Server and for protection of virtual machines.

In order to protect multiple OSEs on one server, each OSE must be licensed separately. Each server or OSE requires either a standard or an enterprise ML, but not both.

User and OSE client MLs are also available. A client ML is required for each nonserver device protected by Data Protection Manager.

Acquiring the Installation Media and License Key: MLs do not require media, license keys, or setup codes.  Installation media for DPM server software will be shipped to you free of charge.

Note: Although organizations can request multiple MLs, they will be licensed for only one DPM server installation.

Software Assurance: Under the Software Assurance program, you have the right to install any new release of products covered in the agreement during the term of your coverage.

See system requirements for Data Protection Manager 2010.
Price: £6.00 + VAT
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