Huddle 25-User Package

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Admin Fee: £83.00 + VAT
SKU: G-48494

Huddle is an online, cloud-based service offering enterprise-level collaboration tools, cloud content management, and team project and task management. 

This donation provides a perpetual license for a new Huddle account for up to 25 users with unlimited workspaces and 10 GB of online storage space. The account does not expire or need to be renewed.

Benefits for Organisations

Huddle provides a communication and collaboration platform for people inside and outside the office to work more effectively together. It can also be used as a tool for sharing information between staff, boards of directors, external partners, and consultants or among teams at separate office locations.

Major Capabilities of This Product

  • File sharing: You can store and share any type or size of file online with users inside or outside your organisation. External or remote users can securely access shared files from a web browser without connecting to your organisation's internal network.
  • Cloud collaboration: You can create workspaces, comment and share information on virtual whiteboards, start discussions, and assign tasks and approvals, all in one central location.
  • People management: Each user in a workspace has a profile page with contact information. Users can be assigned to teams and given different permissions, access rights, and other privileges.
  • Mobile apps: Free Huddle apps for iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry allow you to share files, collaborate, and work on projects offline using mobile devices.
  • Administrative control: Account administrators can turn certain features on or off in any workspace. They can also set permissions to control which internal users can view workspaces, folders, or items. For external users, administrators can restrict workspaces by limiting access to a range of IP addresses.

 See a complete list of features and supported mobile or desktop apps for Huddle.

Previewing Huddle

Organisations can preview Huddle by trying the interactive demonstration on the Huddle website.
Important: Huddle asks potential donation recipients not to sign up for the free trials on its site. Trial accounts cannot be converted to accounts requested from CTX Programme.


This offer includes access to Huddle's online support resources, including interactive demos and manuals, but does not include live support or personal training.

Existing Huddle Users

This donation is not available to existing Huddle customers. If you previously received a one-year Huddle license through TechSoup, Huddle has converted your account to the perpetual license described in this offer for free.

Additional Users or Storage Available

Organizations that need more than 25 users or 10 GB of storage space can receive a discount on larger account packages directly through Huddle under the Huddle Foundation program. Contact Huddle directly at [email protected] for more information.

Choose Carefully

The administrative fee for this product is not refundable, and the product cannot be exchanged.

Obtaining This Product

You will need to take further action to obtain this product after your donation request has been approved. CTX Programme will send instructions to your organisation email address.





  • Web browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later; Firefox 1.5 or later; Safari 2 or later; Chrome
  • Always-on broadband Internet connection: cable, DSL, or faster
  • For file uploads — Java; latest version recommended
  • Mobile apps:
    • For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad app — iOS 5.1 or later
    • For BlackBerry app — BlackBerry OS 4.5.0 or higher




Price: £83.00 + VAT


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