Small Business Server Single Standard Device CAL (Includes Software Assurance)

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This device client access licence (CAL) permits one device (such as a computer or mobile phone — used by any user) to access the services and technologies of Small Business Server, Microsoft’s bundle of basic server applications and services for 75 users or fewer.

Device CALs are most effective when several employees use the same device to access the server, such as for rotating shifts in a call center. User CALs are also available. With user CALs, licenced users can access the server from any device.

This CAL can also be used to access additional servers running Windows Server or Exchange Server.

When CALs are used with Small Business Server 2003, a volume licence key (VLK) is needed for activation. The VLK is available through the Activation Hotline. For the phone number of the Activation Hotline please see No VLK is required for CALs used with Small Business Server 2008.

  • Under the Software Assurance programme, customers acquire the right to install any new release of products covered in the agreement during the term of their coverage.
Price: £3.00 + VAT