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System Center Operations Manager User Client Management License (Includes Software Assurance)

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This client management licence (ML) allows any number of nonserver operating system environments (OSEs) to be managed by System Center Operations Manager 2007 as long as only one user has access to them. If more than one user has access to a certain OSE or set of OSEs, an ML is necessary for each user.

OSE MLs are also available. An OSE ML allows for management of one OSE. In order to manage multiple OSEs on one device, each OSE must be licenced separately.

User MLs are also available. A user ML allows any number of nonserver OSEs to be protected by Data Protection Manager as long as only one user has access to them.

A server ML is required for each server (that is, each device running a server operating system) protected by Operations Manager.. The standard server ML, available through PNGO PROGRAMME, allows one file server to be protected by a server running System Center Data Protection Manager.

For more information about licencing Data Protection Manager, see Management Licences in Microsoft Licencing Product Use Rights available from Microsoft Volume Licencing.

Note: This licence does not require media, licence keys, or setup codes.

  • Under the Software Assurance programme, customers acquire the right to install any new release of products covered in the agreement during the term of their coverage. 
Price: £1.00 + VAT
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