Windows XP Professional Upgrade English (Includes Software Assurance)

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Admin Fee: £8.00 + VAT
SKU: LS-44299


• 300-MHz-or-higher processor (single or dual processor system); Intel Pentium/Celeron family, AMD K6/Athlon/Duron family, or compatible recommended
• 64 MB RAM; 128 MB or higher recommended (the 64 MB minimum supported may limit performance and some features)
• 1.5 GB available hard-disk space
• 115 MB hard-disk space for every additional language installed; an additional 250 MB for each Asian language installed
• 800x600-pixel or higher-resolution display

Additional items or services required for additional features:
• For some Internet functionality — a Microsoft .NET Passport account and a 14.4-Kbps or higher-speed modem
• For networking — network adapter appropriate for the type of local-area, wide-area, wireless, or home network you want to connect to and access to an appropriate network infrastructure; access to third-party networks may require additional charges
• For instant messaging, voice and videoconferencing, and application sharing, both parties need a Microsoft .NET Passport account and Internet access or a Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server instant messaging account and network access (some configurations may require download of additional components)
• For voice and videoconferencing, both parties also need: 33.6-Kbps or higher-speed modem, or a network connection; microphone and sound card with speakers or headset
• For videoconferencing, both parties also need a videoconferencing camera and Windows XP
• For application sharing, both parties also need: 33.6-Kbps or higher-speed modem or a network connection; Windows XP
• For remote assistance, both parties must be running Windows XP and be connected by a network
• For remote desktop — Windows 95 or later and a network connection between the two machines
• For sound — sound card; speakers or headphones
• For DVD video playback — DVD-ROM drive; DVD decoder card or DVD decoder software; 8 MB video RAM
• For Windows Movie Maker Video capture feature — appropriate digital or analog video capture device; 400-MHz-or-higher processor for digital video camera capture


• Under the Software Assurance programme, customers acquire the right to install any new release of products covered in the agreement during the term of their coverage. 
• Wireless networking support makes connecting with wireless networks easy.
• Advanced performance / multitasking
• Remote desktop allows you to remotely access your desktop computer from another computer running Windows 95 or later.
• Remote assistance allows you to have a friend or IT professional with Windows XP remotely control your computer to demonstrate a process or help solve a problem.
• Encrypting file system help protect your documents.
• System restore and roll-back helps troubleshoot changes.


Windows XP Professional is an older product in Microsoft's line of operating systems. It should be requested by organisations whose computers cannot support the system requirements of the latest Microsoft operating system, Windows 7. Built on the foundation of Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional provides improved reliability, security, performance and ease of use.

This is an upgrade product. To install this operating system, you must have a valid licence that is not in use on another computer for one of these operating systems: Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows Me, Windows NT Workstation 4.0, Windows 2000 Professional, or Windows XP Home Edition.

Included with the software is Windows XP Service Pack 3, which provides all-in-one access to the most up-to-date drivers, tools, security updates, patches, and customer-requested product changes. Windows XP SP2 focuses on security. It offers better protection against viruses, hackers, and worms, and includes Windows Firewall, Pop-up Blocker for Internet Explorer, and the new Windows Security Center.

Acquiring the Installation Media and Licence Key: Installing this product requires installation media and a licence key. Installation media will be shipped to you free of charge.

The licence key allows you to use the installation media to install the product on as many computers as you have received donations for. This quantity is specified in the donation email sent to your organisation email address after your eligibility has been verified and your administrative fee has been received.

Price: £8.00 + VAT


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